How to eat well during pregnancy – Indian Diet from Gynaecologist in Kolhapur

How to eat well during pregnancy - Indian Diet from Gynaecologist in Kolhapur

It is always emphasized that good dietary habits are stepping stones for a healthy life. Moreover, a balanced diet is very much important for expectant mothers as it is directly linked with the healthy growth of the unborn child. The physical health of a pregnant woman constantly changes during pregnancy and demands appreciable amount of nutrition. Doctors of Gayatri Consultation and Maternity Hospital stress that a balanced diet not only ensures the wellbeing of a pregnant woman, but also ensures the good health of the baby. Let us see what to eat during pregnancy and achieve the best results for the overall development of the baby.

Fortunately, Indian food is rich of all components of a balanced diet such as minerals, fibers, vitamins and it is merely a question of avoiding the least desirable.

Gynaecologist in Kolhapur Dr. Rohini Parandekar suggests what food should be taken during pregnancy

Fruits and Vegetables: Pregnant woman tend to enhance the fat intake through dairy products and overlook proteins and carbohydrates. It is a very wrong practice and variety of fresh vegetables and fruits should always form a part of your meal. The best way of enjoying vegetables and fruits is to consume them in rotation and avoid frequent repetition.

    Cauliflower and leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbage are very much essential and so are green vegetables such as Louki, Tondali, Parwal, Govari, and Turai.
    Enjoy all variants of fruits and not restrict the diet to apples and bananas. Black grapes, apricots, mangoes, and dates are not only beneficial, but also satisfy your taste buds.
    The consumption of veggies such as Yam, papaya, brinjal, garlic and ginger may be reduced as per the advice of your gynecologist.

Sprouts which are rich in fibers and nutritive values are the best solution for woman who has complications such as bloating and constipation.

Minerals and Vitamins: It is very important to have adequate intake of all vitamins and minerals that contributes towards the better health of the baby and the pregnant mother.

It is recommended that 25 mg of iron and 1400 mg of calcium is required for a pregnant woman. Hence calcium rich dairy products and iron rich vegetables need to be a daily routine in the diet.

Although Vitamin A is recommended up to 10,000 IU per day, be very cautious about it. An overdose of Vitamin A may cause harm to the fetus.
To achieve the daily requirement of 70 mg of vitamin C for pregnant woman, what can be the better source other than citrus fruits? Hence make your meal by adding a good portion of citrus fruits or other vitamin C rich foods like strawberries and green peppers.

What to avoid

Along with knowing what to eat, it is also important to know what not to eat. Here goes the list.
Any deep frozen food.
Consumption of alcohol and tobacco in any form is a strict no.
Beverages such as tea and coffee should be in limited quantity.
Maida based bakery products should be avoided.

It is always good to consult with your dietician and gynecologist in Kolhapur to identify the best food for your health. Based on your medical conditions and family history, a balanced diet can easily be formulated that not only limits your cravings but also packs nutritive values to your child.

For any pregnancy related health issues contact gynaecologist in Kolhapur Dr. Rohini Parandekar.

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