Foods to Increase Lactation after Child Birth

Well, everyone is aware of the importance of breast feeding and the several benefits that it offers to both the mother and the child. However, there are times when the supply of breast milk may be inadequate and may not meet the child’s demand. You must seek a reputed gynecologist in Kolhapur and discuss your condition. Also, there are certain foods that may help increase lactation. Have a look.

10 Foods to Increase Lactation

1. Oatmeal
Well, surprised isn’t it? Although oatmeal is known to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, not many know that it helps in building breast milk. So, next time enjoy a hearty meal of some healthy oatmeal for breakfast.

2. Garlic
For years this humble ingredient has been used by mothers to increase the breast milk production. A study also shows that mothers who consumed garlic, their babies would stay at the breast and feed for a long time. If you do not like the awful smell of garlic, you can also try garlic pills which have neutral taste.

3. Fennel
The fennel plant shows estrogen type properties and is also a very good galactagogue; food that increases production of breast milk. In addition, fennel also helps improve digestion and treat upset stomach. If you have trouble lactating you must consult a gynaecologist and discuss your problems. She may prescribe some medications depending on your condition.

4. Water
Yes you heard it right. Sufficient amount of water is needed to produce breast milk. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water every day and especially when you have just started nursing your infant.

5. Nuts
Rich in good fats and antioxidants nuts like cashews , macadamia and almonds are a good choice to boost production of milk. If possible try to consume raw nuts as commercially found nuts are high in oil and salt.

6. Carrot
Carrots are loaded with carbohydrates, potassium and Vitamin A which help in increasing the quality of milk and improves lactation. Apart from this, carrots also aid weight loss and offers many more health benefits.

7. Green Papaya
Green Papaya is a traditional food used that is widely used in Asia to increase breast milk production. It enhances the production of Oxycontine hormone which helps in regulating the production of milk and increases the flow. If you do not like the taste of green papaya, you can seek professional help from a successful gynecologist in Kolhapur who may prescribe herbal supplements.

8. Sesame Seeds
Don’t underestimate these tiny seeds! They are packed with nutrients and are high in calcium. Try and include these seeds in your salads or other recipes that interest you.

9. Ginger
This is another traditional ingredient used to effectively increase breast milk supply. Cut a few slices of fresh ginger and allow it to steep in a cup of boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Strain it and enjoy your warm cup of ginger tea.

10. Cookies
We give you one more reason to fall in love with chocolate cookies. Special choco-chips lactation cookies are available in market that is filled with the goodness of brewer’s yeast and flax seeds. Both these ingredients are known to boost milk production and improve its quality.

In addition to the food following factors can also be considered to help increase breast milk;

• Compress or massage the breast gently while nursing. This will help the milk to flow better and allow the infant to receive rich, good quality hind-milk.
• Try switching between breasts as the baby slows down sucking.
• Use proper breast feeding techniques. Make sure that your baby is latching on properly.
• Avoid pacifiers and bottles
• Nurse frequently and take good care of yourself

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