8 Most Interesting Myths and Facts about Pregnancy

Congratulations soon to-be-mom! Getting pregnant is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? However, be prepared to be bombarded with advice from people all around you even strangers! You are not the only one to face this. Since time immemorial, pregnancy and childbirth have been shrouded by superstitions and myths.

Firstly, it is strongly recommended that you find a good maternity hospital in Kolhapur and consult a reputed gynaecologist. It is imperative that you share your experience without any hesitations and find the right answers to your queries. Here, we have listed top 9 myths surrounding pregnancy.

8 Most Interesting Myths and Facts About Pregnancy

1. You will experience morning sickness

Every woman is different and so is her pregnancy. Not every woman will experience morning sickness. During pregnancy, a woman experiences hormonal changes and morning sickness is caused due to increased estrogen levels. If the woman already has high levels of estrogen in her before pregnancy, the additional estrogen may cause morning sickness especially in the first trimester. Again, this may vary from one woman to another

2. Pregnant ladies should avoid bathing

Well, this is slightly over- the- top. Pregnant ladies should avoid taking hot water baths. Water over 98 degrees is not ideal for pregnant ladies. It is recommended that you take warm water bath and not hot water bath. Warm water can soothe swelling in the arms, legs, prevent premature contractions and increase the amniotic fluid. In addition to this, a warm water bath can also help alleviate anxiety related to pregnancy. Swimming is also a wonderful exercise for a mother-to-be. However, seek permission from your gynaecologist before engaging yourself in any strenuous form of exercise.

3. Pregnant women with a low –carry will give birth to a boy

There is no research to prove this point. How a woman carries the baby depends on her body type; tall, thin women tend to carry higher, short and fuller woman may carry lower. It definitely does not reflect the gender of the baby she is carrying. Also, in case it is a second pregnancy, the abdominal muscles may be loose and so appear to be lower.

Another myth is- if the woman experiences acne during pregnancy she is expected to have a girl. This is so untrue! Acne is only a sign of the hormonal changes a body is undergoing and is not related to the gender of the child.

4. Ice-creams and pickles are an all time favourite

As a matter of fact, most women do have cravings for food but it may not necessarily be ice-creams and pickles all the time. Generally speaking women who crave for specific food during pregnancy may be a sign of what their body requires. For instance a woman craving for pickles indicates that her body needs salt especially sodium. During pregnancy, the body increases the blood volume up to 20 % causing the minerals to be diluted.
Foods like ice-creams , sweets, breads, pasta ,rice and other junk food are sort of comfort foods during pregnancy. It makes women feel good and therefore are often craved by them.

5. Fish should be avoided during pregnancy

Fish may contain high levels of mercury, which may cause food poisoning and therefore pregnant women are advised to stay away from it. Pregnant women can instead choose to eat fresh fish with low mercury levels as fish oils offer several benefits for the baby. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which help in the development of the baby’s brain, improve baby’s IQ and makes the baby sleep better post childbirth. It also helps in preventing the mother from having high blood pressure during pregnancy , prevents premature contractions and labour and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
White fish such as tilapia, herring and flounder have low levels of mercury as they live in the ocean for a short period of time before getting caught. If a woman is uncomfortable eating fish during pregnancy, she can include fish supplement oil.

6. Fetal heart rate can determine the baby’s gender

Normally, the fetal heart rate ranges between 120 beats per minute to 160 beats per minute(bpm). Some people think that if the rate is above 140 bpm it is a girl and a boy if it is less than 140 bpm. However, there is no study to support this theory. The fetal rate usually differs from every visit to the maternity hospital in Kolhapur. Also, the age of the fetus and its activity may determine the heart rate.

7. Pregnant Women must eat for two

Some women may feel hungry or crave for food most of the time but there is no truth about ‘women should eat for two’. A few years ago, the average size of the baby was 6 pounds while today it is 8 pounds. This may be attributed to the fact that mothers today are not getting enough protein and healthy fats as women tend to eat more of carbohydrates in the form of rice, bread and pasta.

If the women is eating healthy and has no other health issues, there is no rule as to how much weight a pregnant woman must gain. In the last trimester, the baby gains more weight and the doctor may be concerned if the woman is gaining more weight. The doctor may then re-evaluate the diet.

8. Pregnant woman must not dye their hair

This is partly true. As such pregnant ladies must avoid chemicals in their food or even hair dye for that matter. In general, they must avoid chemicals be it internally or externally. Hair dyes are no exceptions. Exposing your body or the unborn child to chemicals can be harmful as the baby does not have a strong immune system. You can instead look for other herbal or eco-friendly options to colour your hair.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience. Do not rely on any of the old wives’ tales. Visit the nearest maternity hospital in Kolhapur and get your queries answered by qualified doctors.

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