8 Most Interesting Myths and Facts about Pregnancy

Congratulations soon to-be-mom! Getting pregnant is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? However, be prepared to be bombarded with advice from people all around you even strangers! You are not the only one to face this. Since time immemorial, pregnancy and childbirth have been shrouded by superstitions and myths.

Firstly, it is strongly recommended that you find a good maternity hospital in Kolhapur and consult a reputed gynaecologist. It is imperative that you share your experience without any hesitations and find the right answers to your queries. Here, we have listed top 9 myths surrounding pregnancy.

8 Most Interesting Myths and Facts About Pregnancy

1. You will experience morning sickness

Every woman is different and so is her pregnancy. Not every woman will experience morning sickness. During pregnancy, a woman experiences hormonal changes and morning sickness is caused due to increased estrogen levels. If the woman already has high levels of estrogen in her before pregnancy, the additional estrogen may cause morning sickness especially in the first trimester. Again, this may vary from one woman to another

2. Pregnant ladies should avoid bathing Continue reading “8 Most Interesting Myths and Facts about Pregnancy”