Foods to Increase Lactation after Child Birth

Well, everyone is aware of the importance of breast feeding and the several benefits that it offers to both the mother and the child. However, there are times when the supply of breast milk may be inadequate and may not meet the child’s demand. You must seek a reputed gynecologist in Kolhapur and discuss your condition. Also, there are certain foods that may help increase lactation. Have a look.

10 Foods to Increase Lactation

1. Oatmeal
Well, surprised isn’t it? Although oatmeal is known to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, not many know that it helps in building breast milk. So, next time enjoy a hearty meal of some healthy oatmeal for breakfast.

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I am 35 can I get Pregnant and What are the Risks?

With more and more women joining the work force marriage and pregnancy are taking the backseat. Many women are opting to have a child in their 30’s instead of the usual 20’s like earlier. People delay parenthood until the age of 35 for a number of reasons. However, this causes a lot of worry and risks to the mother. Visit a good maternity hospital and understand the pros and cons of delayed pregnancy.

I am 35 Can I Get Pregnant and What are the Risks

A survey reveals that in 2016, the birth rates among US women aged 30-35 surpassed those women aged 25-29.One major reason for delayed pregnancy is due to the availability of fertility options such as IVF. However, we highly recommend that you select only reputed maternity hospital to get the treatment done.

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